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Winario - RTL & VOX Gewinnspiele. K likes. Auf winario kannst du online an allen TV-Gewinnspielen der Sender RTL & VOX teilnehmen: z.B. zu Sendungen. winario organisiert und sorgt sich um Lottospielgemeinschaften, welche bei gewählten Lotterien teilnehmen. Das Unternehmen RTL interactive GmbH ist der​. Jetzt den aktuellen winario Gutschein sichern & beim Einkauf richtig sparen! ✓ immer aktuell ✓ redaktionell geprüft ✓ kostenlos ☆ Jetzt klicken & sparen. Jetzt den aktuellen winario Gutschein sichern & beim Einkauf richtig sparen! ✓ immer aktuell ✓ redaktionell geprüft ✓ kostenlos ☆ Jetzt klicken & sparen. winario bündelt die TV-Gewinnspiele der bekannten RTL & VOX Shows wie „Wer wird Millionär“, „Deutschland sucht den Superstar“ oder „RTL Punkt 12“. winario organisiert und sorgt sich um Lottospielgemeinschaften, welche bei gewählten Lotterien teilnehmen. Das Unternehmen RTL interactive GmbH ist der​. Winario bündelt die TV-Gewinnspiele der bekannten RTL & VOX Shows wie „​Wer wird Millionär“, „Deutschland sucht den Superstar“ oder „RTL Punkt 12“. Winnario Just how the hell many times do I have to keep being told version 2. Be careful when changing boot options. I will look what is Beste Spielothek in Abwinkel finden it. Thank you. Now with Aero Lite black fonts for the button labels which I'm happy withit is hard to read the label of the active button, which has an ugly dark background color I can't change. Winnario i have the first Beste Spielothek in Oberviechtach finden with Winaero Tweacker Version 0. Another neat feature is the "Get Classic Apps. I just switched from using Firefox x86 to x64 and noticed that the links on the bottom of the Winaero app do not seem to work anymore. Schulbus Hamburg the Technology.

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Report with certainty. Or alternatively, is it possible to have icons pinned on one desktop but not show on another virtual desktop? Will be implemented directly in the next version!

Anyone else having problems with the personalization shortcuts on the latest Windows 10 build, none of them are working for me, they all make explorer restart.

Please add a feature: In addition to changing the system font from segoe UI to another font, please add an option to change de system font SIZE as well.

The default size is 9pt, wich does not fit well with other font types. Mr GRiM That's a pity. Looks like Microsoft has all classic removed applets.

After I change the "Use Administrator Account" Setting, when I use an App an error comes up that "this app can not be used with the built-in administrator account".

What do I do to fix it in Win 10 home? Can you make a setting to change the administrator name from "Administrator"? Hey just wanted to ask would it be possible to add feature to change lockscreen background?

Atm I use Winaero tweaker to change the main lock screen but need to use Windows 10 Background LockScreen Changer to change the actual lock screen the one where you enter your password I hate having one extra program for only one function that should be readily available in one I am already using for a variety of other tweaks.

Also Win 10 LS Background Changer has stopped working unexplainably so would be great to just fuck it off and use this app exclusively. Cheers in advance for any feedback Good news, personalization menu is working again now, just a question though, was there a reason the theme personalization shortcut was removed?

Sergey Yeah looks like it was just 2 builds with that problem, just hope it stays fixed this time. Very nice program. Best windows utility of , I think.

Love that feature. The new install reads the registry? Your secret, I won't pry. However, a neat feature would be: Store the settings in a file.

The custom settings are moved to the new computer! And as far as it goes in the debate about programs that run without windows installer, I like simplicity!

Go for it! One last thought - sort your comments in descending date order Best regards. GSynergy Vista is not supported by this app, even some of tweaks will actually work.

Could you add an option to change the Taskbar Thumbnail Preview window size? Would be much appreciated if this is fixed, as in, the icon is removed.

The upgrade to 0. Fixed, please re-download the app. TropicalGary Fixed too. Please re-download the app. Hi, I am using windows 10 x64bit , I checked on "always show advanced boot option" , it worked fine.

Please help Thanks. Please specify the build number you are running. Just a small observation The Description in "Slow Down Animations" has the word "the" spelt twice.

When installed the Aero Light the text on the taskbar buttons becomes black, and it is impossible to read when you have dark grey or any dark theme color.

H00k Thanks. It will appear with 0. The appearance is as follows: Can you try to apply it too? Which build you are running?

I will look what is inside it. I'm curious if the Winaero program has found a way to add a delay to the X Mouse feature with Windows 10? It is easy to get auto focus to work with Windows 10, but it seems to ignore the ActiveWndTrackTimeout registry value.

Does your software use a different registry item to set a delay? Or, does the delay simply not work with Windows 10? I'd tried the now-obsolete ElevatedShortcut and now I've also tried the same with Tweaker's built-in ElevatedShortcut function, and I have the same problem: Unless the user who is logged in at the time of trying to run an elevated shortcut is an administrator, the user still must enter an administrative user ID and password.

Perhaps I misunderstand; is ElevatedShortcut only supposed to avoid the need to right-click and select Run as Administrator, but NOT supposed to make the process able to start with administrative privileges when run by a non-administrative user?

A bit more complicated to use. I'd been hoping that it would be possible to have a simpler way. So, what is ElevatedShortcut really supposed to do?

It will not resolve your task. The user will need to enter the administrative password with the elevated task. Use runas. Another small observation.

The Description in "Disable Telemetry" is missing the word "you". Hello Sergey. Nice job I have upgraded yesterday to windows 10 pro from Windows 7 pro.

I may go back to windows 7 back within 30 days. So far I see that it is not in my control.. I have disabled all the privacy settings however I do not see any option to force the updates to manual only.

Does your tweaker has option to disable Windows 10 updates i. It can be set to notify only. Read the description carefully. It should be exactly that you want.

Would be nice if you can create a export features so it easy to move setting from one PC to another. Yep, as usual.

Last time it was Kaspersky, now Kaspersky is silent but Defender is on fire. I will fix them all one day, I just need more free time and money a little.

Sergey, I appreciate your hard work very much. I use this tool on every machine I tune up for people Win 7, 8 and It would be a real time saver when setting up multiple machines at once!

Thank you. After the Aug. Mark , say thanks to Microsoft. They restricted this option to Enterprise editions only : See this article please: Microsoft locks some Group Policy options to Enterprise editions in Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

What happens when you tick the checkbox? Sergey No, I can't disable the lockscreen. I tried manually using a scheduled task.

Nothing works. This thing just does not want to be disabled. Disabling the lockscreen is still not working using WA-Tweaker 0. Sometimes on my totally empty desktop here is appearing the quick access star, but it is not a shortcut I can delete.

It appears, then it is gone again, then it appears again. I was not able to disable that either. We still have the classic volume slider which is nice, but it seems the calendar was removed.

Another nice addition would be the classic UAC instead of the new one. Hi There Love the Application, it helps me make things look so much better than Windows There are a couple of issues I am experiencing that I hope can possibly be integrated into future releases: - Setting the Taskbar Clock back to the Windows 7 Version I've tried the Registry Key Manual Entry, with no success - Setting the Text Alignment of Windows Explorer Icons Last Windows Update set text alignment to left, I prefer the centered text there was previously - Adding the Details Pane in Explorer to the Bottom of the Window I use OldNewExplorer but it seems to keep needing Windows Explorer to be Restarted If any of these options can be integrated into future releases, I would greatly appreciate and donate to the cause.

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? The Windows 10 titlebar is a problem for me. The three icons on the right minimise, fullscreen, close are too far apart.

They take up too much room when I want to put other things up there. Is it possible to tweak the titlebar by pushing the three icons much closer together, close to the right margin?

On Windows 10 I can't get Tweaker to set the lock screen image back to default I click set page back to default but it still goes to the solid color this is happening after the Anniversary update how can I get the image back?

Changing the size of margins in "Windows Thumbnails" has no effect in "Windows 10 Anniversary Update". Glad to be of help. I don't see why a settings tweaker needs to be installed on a computer Lots of people ask "how to remove it, I cannot find it in Control Panel".

It was created for such people. Use the portable setup mode, it does nothing else besides the file extraction. This is a great tweaker!

I use this feature daily, and registry hack is a little hard. Thanks for Winaero Tweaker! Lockscreen function does not work, the lockscreen remains, it used to work with the last version.

Since the Windows 10 autumn update or whatever it's called , the Winaero Tweaker option to prevent Windows 10 from automatically restarting to install an update does not work.

Please fix if you can and thanks for the effort in making this awesome app! Winaero Tweaker is a pretty good windows customizing tool.

One thing i want in the future is features like OldNewExplolor has for customizing explorer. Just want to add that I also had the 0x error after disabling windows update and couldn't turn it back on, using the latest version.

The repair. Hey, I just wanted to thank you and tell you that Winaero Tweaker is my favorite tool when it comes to Windows customization. You've kept on updating it all the time and it's a real pleasure to see such a tool free for everybody to use.

Keep up the good work :D. Thank you for this great app. I would love to see an option for tweaking the menu and title bar sizes in Edge, which the current version doesn't seem to be equipped with.

But when I wnt to revert the change, the Segoe UI font is missing and the system font revert to Arial.

Now my Windows 10 looks like XP. I don't like it. I don't like to apply Roboto either. It make me dizzy when I read my laptop screen.

This will restore the default font. It's ok I found it now Why dont you put it at the top of the page where it should be Thanks for building such awesome tools!

I just have one question. I added a new folder, "Code", to This PC. Desktop, Downloads, Pictures When I try to rename the New Folder there is a similar delay.

If I try to create and rename a folder simultaneously the explorer crashes. Is this an error you've come across before? I'm running Windows 10 Home, Version Thanks again for the good work!

Hi Really useful program. One problem though. When I changed System fonts it changed numbers on touch keyboard into small rectangles I tried reset fonts but it didn't help..

Winaero Tweaker Dev, may I suggest a feature to be added that can export all our tweak settings in Winaero Tweaker to a. The fonts option has ruined my system.

I wanted to try Consolas but didn't end up liking it, but resetting to default has left some places stuck as Consolas.

Chrome browser for example. Please fix this! Good evening, I have this strange problem and I was suggested contacting You for help.

When I adjust my volume or try to change the song the icons, which display the feature, show as little squares. I was suggested contacting you from this forum here is the post itself Would love to hear Your feedback about the problem.

Yours faithfully, Casper. You can do the following. Click the Reset defaults button above the page.

Restart Windows 10 This should restore your system font and solve the squares issue. You are welcome. I tried your winaero tweeker, but it only allows me to change the font face, but not the font size.

DPI idea did not work. I have increased the dpi but the toolbars are going out of the screen. So I already have the maximum dpi.

I have tried different themes, but the UI font size is too small in them. I just want to increase the SIZE of the system font so I can read the screen without hurting my eyes.

Do you have a program that can do that? Change Search Bar Text is missing, as far as I can see. I don't know if this has been noted already.

I entered 'Cortana' and 'bar' and 'search bar' 'searchbar' in WinaeroTweaker search and it doesn't show up.

Hi, I see 0. Can you add portable version download please? I thank you in advance. Winaero Twaeker worked fine on two of my windows machines.

I just installed it on another one and Inactive Titlebar Color setting is missing. What happened? On your third PC, it detected that the Inactive Titlebar Color setting is not available in the installed build of Windows This feature doesn't work in older builds.

Optional Command line args to silently configure system. Anyway, I am now getting notification about downloading an update but cannot find how or any reference to it on the website.

Nor can I find how to ask for help, hence I am posting here in the hope it gets noted. Hi there. You software is amazing, thank you for all your efforts.

Hi Cassie. I don't think it is you. It is more likely an issue with the font which is missing some symbols. Click "reset this page to defaults" in the system font option in Winaero Tweaker.

This will restore "Segoe UI" and resolve the issue with the keypad popup. Hey Sergey. At the moment i only have changed the fonts and no problem at all.

Im going to get in deep with every other sections aswell later Anyways thanks for this helpfull tool of yours, have a nice day. I have a 14" 4k screen, and had a couple programs not DPI aware which came up super tiny.

I found a way to force them to display correctly via a registry entry and manifest file. Any chance you could incorporate this trick into the Tweaker?

I installed your Tweaker on a Win 10 system. I don't see the option to change the startup sound. Is that only for Windows 7?

I haven't found any successful way to change either startup or shutdown sounds in Windows 10 - have you? Please add disable ribbon feature on winaero tweaker.

Hi Sergey, You do an excellent job and I admire very much and I am fan of your work, congratulations! Would it be possible to change the color that Windows 10 v uses to display the selected item?

I did not find it on your Winaero Tweaker, would you be able to add this feature to your Winaero Tweaker? Best Regards zeUs. It's probably been asked before - since it now boasts quite a lot of settings, it'd be great if Winaero Tweaker would alert us in case Windows reverts any of the changes!

It tends to happen, especially after Windows updates but it's not always easy to know. Have Disable Cortana checked, but the process is still there.

Windows 10 Home, latest version of Tweaker. When we Brazilians, we will have the time of this wonderful tool in the "Portuguese" language!

And when we can contribute to the growth of the community, through mechanisms, here in Brazil!? Leading to conflict between both! Windows Registry Editor Version 5.

I am missing one thing. Make it possible to change the colors of tabs in Edge - and any other application that uses tabs.

Active and in-active tabs almost have the same color and I would like to change that. Using version 0. If I remove the tickmark and put it back then the ImmersiveContextMenu registry key is created and after a restart the wide context menus are indeed disabled.

If I then remove the tickmark the registry key gets deleted and after a restart the wide menus are back but the tickmark is back in Winaero Tweaker.

I just like to say the Winaero Tweaker is a very handy tool, and works perfect. Perfect to change the menu font size etc, because that option is removed by Microsoft after the Creators Update.

Maybe it is something for the future Thx to the developer. Can you possibly add the ability to change not only the system font itself but also the selected font's attributes boldness and font size in the same way you have created for the Statusbar Font?

The problem is that if I change the system font from the default Segoe UI font the colon in the time display on the task bar displays a rectangle box instead of the colon.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, sjhaberk. Can somewone send me via an email the installer for Winaerotweaker 0.

Unfortunately there was a new update 10, with a new windows defender. And the option to disable Windows defender not working anymore even with the most current version.

No disables Windows defender when you restart the machine. I'm waiting for a new update. Hey there, big fan of your programs. But currently none of your download links are working for me.

However I do use a very restrictive hosts file. Could you please tell me where these files are hosted? Thanks in advance. Warguest Files are hosted here on Winaero.

The Hash context menu is great but I normally use it to get the hash of files I'm uploading rather than downloading so that I can put the hash value on my web page.

It's a pain copying and pasting the value from the powershell screen so could you add an option to make the commands do it automatically?

Hash This will paste just the hash value to the clipboard and without the -noexit of the normal command. I had been having issues with When WinAero Tweaker writes the settings to the registry, it uses the 'minus sign' defined in the user's locale settings.

In English, that's -, but in my [japanese] locale it was?. But windows doesn't understand the settings with? Whatever locale its using, the registry needed the minus sign to be -.

Hey there, I love this app, but somehow after I installed it, my toast notifications had disappeared for programs such as Discord and Telegram.

Does anyone know how I may go about re-enabling those? CatarsiSol , if you have enabled "Balloon notifications", then disable this option.

Which exactly issues you have? I enabled and re-disabled the balloon tips to no success in getting back the toast notifications. For some reason, they don't seem to want to pop up on apps like Telegram or Discord.

Where are the tweaker settings saved? Like bookmarks for example. I have "portable" Winaero Tweaker and have several bookmarks. This is not portable.

From Wikipedia: "A portable application portable app , sometimes also called standalone, is a program designed to read and write its configuration settings into an accessible folder in the computer, usually the folder where the portable application can be found.

Since the Creators Update, I'm again receiving the side notifications about "Windows Firewall being off, please turn it on, blablabla".

I used "Disable Action Center" but still see them. I just switched from using Firefox x86 to x64 and noticed that the links on the bottom of the Winaero app do not seem to work anymore.

Is it just me or is there a problem with Winaero? Still the Cortana tool is not working. I have it disabled, but Cortana is still running.

Is it just me? I don't think this is working correctly. Zacchi4k Something went wrong with the file or folder path.

Can you tell me what was the full path to your file? Great tool, thank you so much! Like the old fashion taskmanager too. I use it in combination with the "Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4.

System is now more responsive, quicker after all the Tweaks I have done. Could you possibly add a tweak to remove the ugly date and time that sit over the top of my painting in Windows 10?

Thank you very much indeed for this software. It has greatly improved the look of Windows 10 and made it easier to use. Using Winaero Tweaker 0.

The "Quick Access" icon appears on the desktop and back in the navigation pane again until I either manually open up Winaero Tweaker again and change it or unless I go to "Folder Options" of File Explorer and check or uncheck the "show recently used files in Quick access" and hit apply.

So no matter what I do, I always have to manually change something in order to prevent it from reappearing in the navigation pane and on the desktop every single time I restart the computer.

Notably, it appears at the bottom of the navigation pane instead of at the top where it used to. Bad news regarding the appearance menu tweak: the creator's update made it useless, and the entries no longer appear in the classic-style control panel either.

I would advise the deprecation on all future builds of Windows Visual evidence as follows: P. I wouldn't be surprised if the appearance menu tweak lacks all effectiveness when Creators Update Phase 2 arrives in Q3 of , hence why I recommend its deprecation from the Winaero Tweaker app effective immediately for all Windows 10 updates reciprocal to Creators Update Phase 1 production build and its respective insider preview builds.

I use The Bat! I keep removing the icon by right-clicking it and clicking 'Unpin from taskbar', but it just comes back.

Could you possibly give us a tweak that will permanently remove it and probabily other annoying icons as well? Hi, it's a amusing work you did, perfect work for me to adjust the Win But i wonder is there any backup the whole setting for future use, that is, for another PC's use no use to set it up step by step again?

Great software, thanks! Any chance to adding interaction with sysinternal tools? Is there an updated version, newer than 0.

I want to donate, is there a way to do that without paying Paypal fees I'd be sending in Canadian? I don't want to use a credit card. Daniel, well, thanks just for your intention.

I really appreciate it! Money is not the meaning of this life. I am really happy that you found my app useful. Use it. Now i have the first Server with Winaero Tweacker Version 0.

Hi, I have Windows 10 Version and I wanted to add some thickness to my windows to avoid 1 pixel or invisible borders.

I know Aerolite can do the trick but the problem is when I apply it, the title bar of active and inactive windows is the same so the only way to tell what window is active is the red close button.

I tried several tweaks but with no success. It seems the only way to have a different colour in the inactive title bars is using the default Windows10 Aero so no borders.

Hello See Post from That part works fairly well, at least well enough that I can now read the menu items. However, something has changed in how File Explorer returns the results of a search.

Now when I do a search in File Explorer for files containing a specific word, I'm basically interested in files that have that word in the file name.

Before I used Winearo Tweaker, the list I would get back had the search word or phrase highlighted in yellow. If there was no highlighting it meant that the search word or phrase was in the contents of the file.

It made it much easier to just look at those files with the word in the name rather than everything in the list. It makes it much easier to have the highlighting if you get back a list of items and only 8 of them have the search word in the file name.

Is there a way to have the highlighting back or could you add that to a future update as it is extremely beneficial?

For win7 get error when use context menu. Please hide for old OS. I am using windows 10 version Winnaero Treaker is a great program for adjusting font sizes in windows However the application dialog box for Winaero Tweaker has text in very small fonts that are barely readable.

Can you provide a method to make program n text larger? Hi Sergey. Really great. One question. I set up everything on Win10x64 14" laptop.

But when I get to office, and connect it to 2 monitors, which have different DPI settings, and then disconnect them, some settings are messed up in example the window border thickness, padding, and such.

Anyway to remember the settings while monitors are disconnected? This is a very excellent tweaking tool Sergey.

I've been using it for ages. I use your tool "Photo Viewer Background Changer" to every time I fresh install new windows 10 builds. Is there any way to enable this in the dialog?

I installed Winaero Tweaker and thought it was going to be a great tool. However, many functions do not work at all or do not stick: Turned off but did not "Stick" on required restart: Cortana, disable Store, disable login screen image.

Did not even let me change it main reason I downloaded Winaero - Windows Defender. I clicked on both boxes and it said I had to reboot for them to take effect which then unsticks the items mentioned above again.

It's an endless cycle. Have you a fix for that? I think this has real potential. Also, I didnt see anything to turn off whatever prompts you constantly to "allow this app to make changes to your computer.

If so, that's another proof it did not work upon reboot. I would LOVE to turn those off. THank you, Terri.

Update to my previous comment: Windows 10 does say Defender Anti-virus is turned off. But your software in my computer which has no other anti-virus software still wont let me disable it completely second button option.

Running Windows 10 with 16 gig RAM 64 bit i Hi, I've somehow set up an appearance I really like, but I can't remember quite how I did it, and I want to replicate it on other systems.

I've got menubars in a sort of tan colour, with orange accents. A useful facility for a future release might be a way to export all your tweaks as an XML file, and import into another instance?

I don't recall picking individual colours for this "theme", so any idea what I did? I have very poor vision, and your tweak tool may have added many more years to my working life.

I thank you sincerely for making this available. I had X-mouse enabled ms prior to the Windows 10 Creator's Update. After the update my taskbar pop-up windows would disappear before I could mouse over them.

I disabled and then re-enabled the option, and changed the time, and it works now. I am wondering if the location where Find Lock Screen Images stores the images can be changed.

This is a great utility, thanks. Windows 7. This is truly an amazing tool. Thank you for this. Feature Request: It would be really nice if there was a quick way to "unexpand" all of the options, so that I could easily get to the option I wanted.

Right now what I often do is click through all of the top level arrows to "unexpand" them all. Love this amazing tool. Thank you so much for it. Feature Request: Ability to quickly minimize all of the options.

Currently I have to do this:. Hello Ed, Sorry to hear that the app is disappointing for you. I am working hard to eliminate bugs and improve the app.

Still, it is far from being labeled as "stable". Can you tell which issues exactly are you facing? So I could fix them.

My Colon is Damaged!!! Restart the OS. There's a new GPO setting in that will allow to customize the Settings pages. Any change to incorporate this into Winareo Tweaker.

Export Current tweak turns up completely blank after upgrading from 0. Vasudev , read carefully How to import and export tweaks you did with Winaero Tweaker.

Thanks for a great and useful program! Noticed an issue in 0. I npticed in your example that the dot was used instead, and that worked, of course.

Perhaps in other locales, the slash as a date separator isn't the default separator as defined in Windows, but in EN-US at least, it is.

Perhaps the slash, if detected by Winaero Tweaker as part of the system-defined date, could be translated to a hyphen?

Asc, thank you! I didn't think that the locale depended separator could give an issue. I will fix it in the next release, it is very easy to fix this bug.

Thank you so much for this program. I tried three other ways to increase font sizes after the Windows 10 Creators Update and none worked.

I can't believe Microsoft has decreased its accessibility at a time when so many other companies are finally improving theirs. Then I found your program.

Worked perfectly and I can see everything much more easily again. I have sent a donation in thanks. Sregey wat I don't have any problems with it LOL, haha I think something got lost in translation - when I said this tool is dank as all hell I mean it's frigging good.

There's nothing else I know of that's as comprehensive as winaero tweaker. If you've ever heard the term 'dank kush' or 'dankest kush' that'll give you an idea of what I mean haha.

Ed Yep, it is my poor language skill :- Googled what does it mean, now everything is clear! Sergey, Awesome updates to v 0.

Hi, WinAero Tweaker is wonderful, but here is what I think is a bug. Under Windows 10, if I go to the Colored Title Bar page and click "Reset this page to defaults," you restore the Windows desktop to the default desktop, not the solid color background that I selected.

Can you fix this, I hope?? Again, this is a splendid program! I am using version 0. But with the latest update Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version for xbased Systems KB , my system rebooted after updates anyway.

I really can't stand Windows rebooting my PC. I hope you can fix this feature. One of the most useful programs I've ever used was the Moo0 RightClicker, it has an expansion tree makes the program look interesting.

Moo0 RightClicker does not work on Windows Can you point me something stuck with the Moo0 Right Clicker, Sergay?

I know in Windows you have "Copy to" and "Move to" options but it is not practical, you have to be selecting the folder always.

With expansion tree makes things easier. After customizing the Quick access item, it shows up a second time in the navigation pane on occasion, either after cutting, pasting an item or sometimes just on it's own when opening a new instance of windows explorer.

After customizing the quick access item, it sometimes shows up a second time in the navigation pane of windows explorer.

Even if I reset that page to defaults, it continues to happen. Sometimes on it's own when opening a new instance, or after cutting or pasting items.

Some tweaks do not have any effect on Creators Update. Microsoft Sad. But have hopes that you will find a solution. Previous few comments have confirmed the tweak for restarting after updates also doesn't work.

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